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29 juin 2013
Andrés Costa
Dimitri Vazemsky

Lettercamp European Tour.

Lettrism goest East. Ice letters from Escalofrio ( Chile) will leave Dunkerque 2013 in an ice-truck around the 26th of June, to combine ice words in different countries during the trip. First stop in Wroclaw (Poland) for the 28th, Brno ( Cz) on the 29th, and Berlin the 2nd of July. Words leaving behind them just a pool of water…
The sky is crying.

Wroclaw. Location still unknown. Near the Odra? On a certain bridge? After the « Human Library » organized by the Library of Wroclaw.

Brno. Right on the A-spot on the google map above captured. The two ice-words will melt during a miniopera performance of In the cellars of Brno, Vazemsky will be reading ‘Patamorphe for its issue in Cz, in Vetrne Mlyny editin house, for the Nuit de la Littérature.

Berlin. Location secret. But words known…

This project is playing on two concepts. These, according to the location, are coined in different words. but are they still the same. What is the space in which they are melting?

That will be done again in Dunkerque and, maybe, Antwerpen… and another place known but still kept secret in England.